The Magnetic Leadership Training Program

The Magnetic Leadership Training Program is a winning formula for producing . Here are some of the things we’ve been up to most recently:

The Five C’s of Magnetic Leadership

We’re proud to announce a new program we’re making available this fall, The Five C’s of Magnetic Leadership. This program will cover creating clarity of vision, confidence in the vision, commitment to its achievement, connection to those who can support you in making it happen, and communication of your vision to the world around you. These are the things that draw people to you and get them working with you to help you achieve even your most audacious visions.


Learning To Shine Through The Darkness

During November 2nd-3rd’s Leap and Shine Conference 2019 in London, Brandy will share her journey of learning how to navigate hardship and dark times without losing her spirit or allowing it to dim the shine of her personal brilliance so that you can do it, too. 


Turning Adversaries Into Allies

Every leader will face their fair share of adversaries. Those adversaries can block your path, make things more difficult, and slow your progress. However, with the right techniques, every adversary can be turned into unwitting allies that help you slingshot your progress forward and make you virtually unstoppable.