Critics Are Inevitable.

No matter what you do in life nor how great your goals and aspirations may be, you will always have critics. Even God has critics. The more powerful you are, the greater the work you are trying to do, the more critics you will face. You cannot dodge them. You cannot rid yourself of them. But you can put them to work for you.

Don’t Try To Silence Your Critics

The worst thing you can do with your critics is try to silence them. The less you let them say things to your face, the more damage they will be doing behind your back. Because the criticisms will still exist and they will still be out there, and you won’t have a chance to fight back against them.

If you want a perfect example of how silencing your critics can and does backfire, you have only to look at any tyrannical regime that ever got toppled. Tyrants can’t stand critics and will always pass laws to silence them, but those laws only serve to unite the critics and make it a guarantee that the people who aren’t being heard will fight to have their say.

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Deutsche Bank and Ireland: Keys To Negotiating Brexit

Deutsche Bank’s financial problems are causing headaches for everyone. London’s largest employer laid off more than 5,000 workers this July, adding to the UK’s unemployment rolls. The EU for its part has formed a Capital Markets Union in the hopes of stabilizing the financial and economic environment brought on, in part, by the impact of this bank’s failures to turn things around. Both the UK and the EU have their eyes firmly fixed on Deutsche Bank and their futures are tied into the success or failure of this bank.

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